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7 Must-See Events in the Night Sky in July 2018

In Night Sky Guide by Valerie Stimac

At first glance, the sky in July 2018 doesn’t seem interesting – the first half of the month has few astronomical events of note! However, in the second half of the month, the sky above us becomes an astronomer’s playground. If you’re curious what you can see in the night sky in July 2018, read on. We’ve detailed some of …

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13 Fascinating Summer Solstice Celebrations Around the World

In Space on Earth by Valerie Stimac

At 10:07am GMT on Thursday, June 21st, 2018, the earth will experience the June solstice. This is the point of greatest daylight for those of us who live in the upper hemisphere. While many people let the summer solstice pass without note, those of us who pay attention to astronomic events know it’s an exciting day. Additionally, people around the world …

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The Southern Lights in Tasmania: All You Need to Know

In Aurora Guide by Valerie Stimac

As islands go, Tasmania is an interesting one. Formed over millions of years, it was only 70 million years ago when Tasmania began to look as we conceive of it today: an island off the southern coast of Australia. With its own unique geologic history and species found nowhere else on earth, Tasmania has been a travel destination for those …