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9 Amazing Ways to Experience Space in Huntsville, Alabama

In Space Tourism by Valerie Stimac

If you’re a space nerd at all, you know about Huntsville, Alabama. If you’re not, maybe you heard about it on The New York Times’ 52 Places list this year. It was selected because of the rising interest in astrotourism and space. It’s also the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing this July, and they’re planning a massive party …

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How to Visit NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

In Rocket Tourism by Valerie Stimac

Do you love NASA? Curious about the future of space exploration? Just an uber-nerd like me who wants to visit all of the space destinations possible? A visit to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center has to be on your list! As part of my trip to Space Camp, I had the chance to visit NASA Marshall. In addition to the …