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The 15 Best Stargazing Tents to Sleep Under the Stars

We all know: there’s not much better than spending an evening enjoying the night sky. That’s why I share so many stargazing guides! One thing that is better is falling asleep under the stars – though it’s admittedly not easy to find a place to sleep with an unobstructed view. That’s where stargazing tents come in. They allow you to have the least amount of interference between your eyes and the stars overhead while still being safe and secure overnight.

In this post, I’m sharing some of the best stargazing tents I’ve found. I chose each of these first and foremost for their mesh ceilings – and all of them come with a rain fly to help protect you in the event the skies aren’t clear on the night you head out.

Camping in Grand Canyon - Arup Malakar via Flickr

Photo credit: Arup Malakar via Flickr

Read on to discover the best tents for stargazing, from snug one person options to lightweight backpacking tents to several big enough for the whole family to enjoy a night under the stars together.

1. Clostnature Lightweight Backpacking Tent

The Clostnature is easily one of the best stargazing tents in the market. You just have to look at the Amazon reviews to confirm it. An ultra-portable tent, the Clostnature comes with a compact design and only weighs 3.7 lbs. Its interior has entire mesh walls to improve ventilation, a D-shaped door, and a large vestibule on the side that provides extra storage for your backpack or shoes. 

The Clostnature is an all-season and all-weather tent. It is waterproof, and the floor comes with 210T Polyester with PU5000 coating to offer insulation for your body. The walls also come with factory-sealed seams to keep you dry and comfortable. The Clostnature is also an excellent option for stargazers without camping experience as it is a breeze to set up and takedown. 

2. CORE 9-Person Extended Dome Tent

The CORE 9-Person Extended Dome Tent will become your home away from home. As one of the best tents for stargazing, the CORE is a favorite of big families and groups who enjoy outings in nature.

While it is mainly a warm-weather tent, it can hold up pretty well against heavy rain in the event the skies aren’t clear when you go camping. It features a waterproof rainfly (H2O Block Technology) with heat-sealed seams to prevent rainwater from coming inside. You can remove the rainfly and enjoy panoramic sky views through the mesh ceiling panels when it is not raining. 

The tent is also incredibly spacious; it can fit up to three queen air mattresses! The two additional ridge poles maximize interior space to make this tent feel like a spacious outdoor retreat.

3. CORE Family Tent with Screen Room

Built with a thoughtful design, the CORE 11-Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room is another suitable option for big families or groups. The space distribution is what stands out the most in this tent.

CORE has designed it with “two” rooms, and there’s a separate screen room with closable window panels and full tent floor coverage at the front and the main cabin. The enclosed screen room is excellent if you need additional sleeping quarters, extra storage for your gear, or if you’d like to have a different place to hang out outdoors bug-free. Also, the screens improve air circulation through the (warmer) main cabin on hot days. 

The main cabin has a panoramic, mesh ceiling so you can go to sleep while taking in the distant sky beauty. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have a separate entrance to the main cabin, so you have to go through the screen room to access the main cabin. 

4. Eureka! Solitaire AL Tent

Not everyone goes camping in the company of others. Eureka! knows that and has designed one of the best stargazing tents for the solo traveler. The Solitaire AL Camping and Backpacking Tent is a suitable option for those who set out on a solo adventure to stargaze.

First off, the tent is extremely lightweight, a feature weight-conscious backpackers will appreciate. It also packs down small (⅔ of the original package), making it perfect for carrying around. Thanks to its simple two-pole tunnel design, it is super easy to set up/tear down (even in adverse conditions) and provides plenty of space for one person.

Despite being lightweight, the tent’s quality build can outlast any storm if the weather turns. The fly and floor feature polyester taffeta with a 1500mm coating for waterproof protection. You can roll back the full-coverage fly for stargazing in clear weather.

5. Eureka! Summer Pass Three-Season Tent

If you are camping somewhere with good sky views, this is the tent for you! The Eureka! Summer Pass Three-Season Backpacking Tent has four mesh walls and a mesh ceiling, so you don’t even have to go outside to gaze at the awe-inspiring stars.

The Eureka! has plenty of features that will make your camping experience a delight. First, it has an adjustable air exchange system with high/low venting you can adjust to find the proper airflow for all weather conditions. Then, you see the 100-percent no-see-um mesh canopy, which keeps out the tiniest critters. 

Similar to other models, the fly and floor come in polyester taffeta with waterproof 1500mm and 2000mm coatings for weatherproof protection. The full rainfly comes with two vestibules when you need to add warmth or protection from the elements.

6. Hyke & Byke Zion Two-Door Dome Tent

One of the best stargazing tents for solo travelers, Hyke & Byke has thought about the little details when designing this dome camping tent.

The company has developed the tent with an intuitive single pole system to facilitate the set-up and take-down process, even in the most adverse weather conditions. The single-pole system also improves breathability and prevents condensation inside the tent. Ultralight and durable, the tent comes with 12 aluminum alloy stakes, reflective guy lines with tension lock cord adjustment, and a proprietary stake presser. 

The tent has two doors, two vestibules, great pockets inside where you can store your stuff. The pack also includes a PU 5000 footprint and mesh gear loft, which isn’t common. It packs down small so you can carry the tent easily on backpacking trips.

7. Kelty Freestanding Rumpus Tent

Launched in 2021, the Kelty Freestanding Rumpus Tent is an excellent option if you travel with a lot of gear. The interior is roomy and provides a freestanding shelter for four or six sleepers. You’ll see that the pictures are a bit deceiving as the tent is quite tall for a dome tent of this size, with its peak height being 75.5 inches.

The Kelty Rumpus Tent has two D-shaped doors, two vestibules, and a full-coverage fly for complete weather protection in a 3-season use. If you need additional storage, you can convert the vestibule door into a shade awning. Mesh screen covers 90% of the tent, which means that when the fly is down, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the sky above. Easy to assemble, good airflow, sturdy poles/structure are other excellent features this tent has.  

8. Kelty Late Start Backpacking Tent

Another Kelty model, the Late Start Backpacking Tent, is another suitable option for lone hikers. This tent fulfills all the requisites to be one of the best stargazing tents in the market: it has excellent ventilation, it sets up fast and easy, it’s durable, and it comes at an affordable price. Despite being small, it is pretty spacious, thanks to the pre-bent aluminum poles that create extra room inside the tent. There are pockets at each corner of the tent to keep your essentials safe. 

It has a single door, and the walls are No-see-um mesh. It’s water-resistant thanks to the floor and body, featuring waterproof fabric. It also comes with a rainfly, which gives you a little extra room for gear storage. The freestanding design is a huge plus since you can pitch the tent and then move it around to find the best site.

9. Kelty Wireless Tent

The Kelty Wireless two-person tent is an excellent option for stargazers who don’t have much camping experience.

A lightweight dome tent, the Kelty features a straightforward freestanding design to ensure you can set it up in any weather and in the dark. It’s straightforward in construction, with Quick Corner pole sleeves – a great innovation that makes it a lot easier to set up with one person – and only three poles. It has two doors and two vestibules to store your camping gear or mucky boots. Both doors and entrances have quality tiebacks to open things up to a breeze if it’s hot.

Strong and stable, the Kelty Wireless can withstand nasty weather strikes. The rain fly covers the entire tent and also keeps it a little warmer.

10. Marmot Limelight Tent

The Marmot Limelight two-person tent is your best bet if you’re looking for a tent that’s roomy yet lightweight enough for backpacking. Not only is this tent easy to set up, but it also has room galore! The secret lies in its design. The clip’s pre-bent poles design and spacing create vertical walls up to shoulder height that maximize the usable space inside without adding additional weight. 

Besides ergonomics, Marmot also wanted simplicity to be a key feature of this tent. It is quick to set up and features a super-sized double door and a rear D-shaped door, perfect to enter and exit the tent without disturbing your friends or family. The D-shaped door leads to two side vestibules, where you keep all your gear dry in wet weather. The Limelight also withstands bad weather conditions, thanks to the seam-taped, catenary-cut floor, preventing water from flowing into the tent.

11. Mountainsmith Bear Creek 3-Season Tent

With a versatile design, the Mountainsmith Bear Creek is a three-season tent suitable for backpacking. It is quick and easy to set up and includes a footprint, providing a good moisture barrier to the tent’s base. You’ll probably love this Mountainsmith tent so much that it’ll become your all-around tent.

The company has designed the poles’ connection points with quality and function in mind. Instead of the little metal posts that stick into the tent pole, this one uses an eyelet/grommet insertion design, which creates better tension at the connection points. The tent also comes with three additional guy lines in case you experience inclement weather. Keep in mind that this tent is pretty compact, so it does not give extra space for your camping gear.

12. Nemo Aurora 3 Person Backpacking Tent

Featuring an angular design, the Nemo Aurora is one of the best tents for stargazing, car camping, and backpacking. It’s quick and easy to set up and features steep walls to provide a roomier interior. The tent has two doors and two vestibules, which you can use to store gear. It’s lightweight and packable, weighing 5 Ibs, 5 oz. so that you won’t hurt your back carrying it around.

Thanks to its strutted vents on the fly, the tent has excellent air circulation, especially on hot days. Stargazers will love the full-mesh top. All you have to do is roll back the rainfly and lie down on the floor. The package includes a footprint, light pockets, duffel storage bag, and gear pockets.

13. Nemo Dragonfly Ultralight Tent

The Nemo Dragonfly Ultralight Backpacking Tent is an adventurer’s dream. It strikes the perfect balance of lightweight packability and livable comfort in a backpacking tent. The roomy interior can sleep up to two people and even let them sit up and stretch.

The company has used bomber materials, which increase durability without weighing you down. The Nemo Dragonfly model features two trapezoidal vestibules to provide extra space for dry gear storage and easy entry. The tent is also easy to set up and take down.

14. Sierra Designs Meteor Backpacking Tents

Aside from its astronomical name, the Meteor tent from Sierra Designs is a great 3-season tent that offers comfort and storage for two. Its performance is incredible, making it a favorite for experienced backpackers. It has a fully freestanding design, which makes its setup fast and easy. Its ridge pole creates steep wall angles to make everything more livable.

Besides the vast interior, the tent features two doors and two vestibules, providing extra storage for gear. All this space doesn’t compromise its weight as it only is 6lbs, 1oz. This model includes improved venting and reduced condensation, thanks to the easy roll-back fly. That roll-back fly also allows stargazers to go to sleep looking at the starry sky. Oh, you’ll love the burrito stuff sack, which makes storage a breeze. 

15. TETON Sports Quick Tent

The TETON Sports Quick Tent earns a spot on my best tents for stargazing list, and not by mere chance. It has a full mesh top that allows for a perfect stargazing experience. The mesh top isn’t the only excellent feature, though. This tent will keep you nice and dry, thanks to the standard waterproof rainfly.

Additionally, it’s extremely easy to set up. You just have to roll it out, lock your poles and pull the drawstring. It features a locking hub to keep your tent up no matter the weather you’re experiencing. You can use it on the ground or top of either the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Cot or two TETON Sports Universal Camp Cots. According to several reviews, the cot is amazingly comfortable. 

Obviously there are lots of tent features to choose from when picking a tent for stargazing, from size, budget, and weatherproof quality to ease of setup and how great a view of the sky you’ll get from the mesh roof (which they all have). You can’t really go wrong though – so it’s just a matter of finding one you love and getting out there to enjoy the night sky! If you have any questions about these tents for stargazing, let me know in the comments!

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