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22 Amazing Stargazing Hotels Around the World

When it comes to stargazing destinations, we all know there are some incredible ones across the globe. Most of us spend our time stargazing near home but occasionally want to travel further afield – and what better way to combine the joy of travel with the wonder of the night sky than by booking a stay at a hotel that’s known for stargazing?

When it comes to stargazing hotels, the world is your oyster. Whether you’re looking for something off-beat and low-key or want to splurge on a five-star stay with billion-star views, this list has them all.

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Read on for some serious bucket list inspiration at some of the best hotels for stargazing from Australia, Botswana, and the Canary Islands to the U.K. and U.S.A.

1. &Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge – Namibia

Stargazing Hotels - andBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge
Photo Courtesy ofandBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Namibia has long been an iconic safari destination. However, exotic animals aren’t the only thing you can spot there. You can also see planets, nebulae, and stars aplenty. &Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge is one of the top hotels for stargazing in Namibia. 

Set amidst a dramatic landscape of dunes, rocky outcrops, and gravel plains, the hotel borders the International Dark Sky Reserve of the NamibRand Nature Reserve, one of the naturally darkest places on Earth. The hotel has its observatory, featuring a Celestron telescope guests can access with the help of an in-house astronomer. 

2. Alila Jabal Akhdar – Oman

Stargazing Hotels - Alila Jabal Akhdar
Photo Courtesy of Alila Jabal Akhdar

Alila Jabal Akhdar is a fantastic hotel located right in the heart of the Al Hajar Mountains. Its architecture blends with the landscape, featuring a traditional stone-faced design that matches the region’s rugged mountains. Alila Jabal Akhdar has curated a wonderful experience for avid stargazers as stargazing hotels go.

Thanks to its remote location, the hotel enjoys some of the darkest skies in the region. Their staff has organized a stargazing session (complimentary with your stay!) where an Astro guide shows you the gorgeous night sky. You can even upgrade your stargazing session and turn it into a starlit dining experience. 

3. Amangiri Resort – Utah, USA

Best Stargazing Hotels - Amangiri
Photo courtesy of Amangiri Resort

Set on 600 acres in Canyon Point, Utah, visiting Amangiri Resort should be on every stargazer’s bucket list. The architect has done a terrific job designing a facade that perfectly complements the natural surroundings, where canyons, ridges, and gorges abound.

As you might imagine, the hotel’s seclusion makes it perfect for spending hours surfing the night sky. Add to the seclusion, southern Utah’s clear and dry air, and Amangiri is a stargazer’s paradise. You can book a $300 private session with a local astronomy enthusiast to navigate the stars or simply find a comfortable spot along the hotel’s 600 acres and enjoy the distant sky with your eyes. 

4. Ayers Rock Resort, Australia

Stargazing Hotels - Ayers Rock Resort
Photo Courtesy of Ayers Rock Resort

Located right in the heart of Australia’s Red Center, Ayers Rock Resort offers various accommodation options, from upscale hotels to basic campgrounds.

Their Sails in the Desert and Desert Garden Hotel are fantastic stargazing hotels for a luxurious stay. If you prefer to experience the surrounding nature during your stay, you can check out their Ayers Rock Campground. Most of their properties are close to Uluru, a gigantic sandstone monolith and the Red Center’s number one attraction. 

Like the Outback Sky Journey, Ayers Rock Resort offers unmissable stargazing experiences to discover the thousands of stars and constellations scattered along the Australian sky. They also incorporate stargazing talks on many other occasions, like the Sounds of Silence dinner. 

5. Chimborazo Lodge – Ecuador

Photo courtesy of Chimborazo Lodge

If you go to South America, you’ll find Chimborazo Lodge, a unique place in the historical Totorillas Valley, Ecuador. Today, the Chimborazo Lodge is one of the finest stargazing hotels in Ecuador, but 500 years ago, the area was a popular resting place for travelers, including German naturalist Humboldt.  

The lodge sits at the foot of Chimborazo volcano on the protected area of Chimborazo Reserve. It is rich in Alpine history, decorated with photographs, engravings, and objects from the most important climbers of all time. You won’t see any lights at night beside the ones from the guest rooms, with the valley mostly covered in total darkness.

6. Gangtey Lodge – Bhutan

Best Stargazing Hotels - Gangtey Lodge
Photo courtesy of Gangtey Hotel

Nestled high in the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is a breathtaking place, but the location and surroundings of Gangtey Lodge are nothing short of magical. The lodge sits in the middle of the unspoiled Gangtey Valley and is popular among travelers seeking to disconnect from their hectic lives.

Despite its luxurious and modern touches, the lodge retains the Bhutanese rural simplicity throughout the establishment. Guests stay in their ‘Farmhouses’ with unobstructed views of the valley and sky. The lodge doesn’t offer stargazing experiences; however, you can find a suitable spot at night and delve into the night sky with your gear. 

7. Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque Resort & Spa – Canary Islands

Best Stargazing Hotels - Bahia del Duque
Photo courtesy of Bahía del Duque Resort & Spa

Not all stargazing resorts sit amid the desert or arid landscapes. Such an example is Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque Resort & Spa, a gorgeous resort standing on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The surroundings are sublime, with lush tropical greens and crystal-clear waters everywhere you look. Stylistically, the hotel’s design nods to traditional Canarian architecture of the 19th century. 

The hotel boasts an impressive array of activities, including stargazing sessions. You can book a session in their Observatory to contemplate the island’s sky or book tours available locally to take you up the volcano (Teide) at night.

8. Hotel Rangá – Iceland

Best Stargazing Hotels - Hotel Rangá
Photo courtesy of Hotel Rangá

From sunny days and fine white sands in the Canary Islands, we move to Iceland’s frozen landscapes. Hotel Rangá is a luxurious rural hotel located in Iceland’s countryside. Thanks to its excellent food, accommodation, and service, the resort features log-cabin style and has become a celebrity hotspot. 

Apart from typical nordic amenities, the hotel has its observatory, like saunas. You’ll experience magical sky views year-round, but during September through April, you can experience the northern lights from the comfort of the hot tubs outside. 

9. Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa – Hawaii, USA

Best Stargazing Hotels - Hyatt Regency Maui
Photo courtesy of Hyatt Regency Maui Resort

Some travelers visit Maui for the gorgeous beaches, but others visit the Hawaiian island to explore its dark skies. Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa is one of Maui’s top dark sky hotels and offers excellent opportunities to explore the cosmos. 

Set on 40 acres on Ka’anapali Beach, Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa offers a Tour of the Stars. From Thursdays through Mondays, guests can join the stargazing experience to explore Maui’s crystal clear skies with a night of stargazing and their rooftop astronomy program. 

While you’re staying there, be sure to check out other great stargazing spots in Hawaii.

10. Kakslautten Arctic Resort – Finland

Best Stargazing Hotels - Kakslauttanen
Photo Courtesy of Kakslauttanen

Finland draws stargazers from far and wide to experience the Aurora Borealis. Located in a secluded forest, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort has designed their Glass Igloos especially for people who don’t want to miss the cosmic show taking place above their heads.

You’ll go to sleep under the stars and wake up to a marvelous sunrise. Depending on the season you visit, you can also experience the fantastic Northern lights – all these from the comfort of your bed. You can also discover Finland’s nature through the hotel’s hiking trails or have some fun skiing.

11. Kalahari Plains Camp – Botswana

Best Stargazing Hotels - Kalahari
Photo courtesy of Kalahari Plains

Set within the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Kalahari Plains Camp has a privileged location that grants visitors some of tAfrica’sbest wildlife viewing opportunities. The camp overlooks an immense pan with endless horizons and beautiful skies.

When the night falls, the camp offers fantastic views of the night sky. Guests have fantastic sky views from their ensuite canvas units thanks to their sleep-out platform above. If you’re looking for a special activity, you can book their Sleep Under the Stars experience. 

12. Kasbah Hotel – Morocco

Best Stargazing Hotels - Hotel Kabash
Photo courtesy of

Breathtaking grounds and gardens, storybook setting, impeccable service, and amazing food define a stay at the Kasbah Hotel. This gorgeous hotel situated in the magnificent Atlas Mountains is an ode to Moroccan architecture with Berber details in every space.

Their ten luxurious Berber Tents promises a magical experience, especially for stargazers. They feature elegant interiors, a roll-top bath, sun loungers, and a hot tub. The highlight: all tents have a private deck where you can sit and enjoy the star-studded sky. There are also twenty-eight hotel rooms with sweeping views of the valley and unique design. Whatever you choose, you’re certainly in for a treat. 

13. Kirroughtree House Hotel – Scotland

Stargazing in Scotland Hero

Kirroughtree is a peaceful retreat in Scotland. It used to be a private mansion house from the 1700s, so the hotel has a pleasant feeling of intimacy. The rooms have a country-chic vibe and feature en suite bathrooms, separate sitting areas, iPhone docks, TVs, and tea and coffee-making equipment. Some rooms have garden views, and the stately suite features an oak-paneled sitting room.

Surrounded by eight acres of magical woodlands and wildlife, the hotel boasts impressive dark skies, and you won’t have trouble finding a lovely spot to look at the stars.

14. L’AND Vineyards Resort – Portugal

Best Stargazing Hotels - L'AND
Photo Courtesy of L’AND Vineyards Resort

L’AND Vineyards Resort is a stargazer’s dream. Set in the heart of Alentejo, the Portuguese resort offers a unique experience for all who all book a room there. When you call to make the reservation, ask for The Sky View suites, elegant rooms designed especially for stargazers. Featuring Márcio Kogan’s interiors and Michael Biberstein’s artwork, the suites provide a sleeping “under the starry sky of Alentejo” experience.

You might assume they have a skylight or floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic views, but no. The Sky view suites have a retractable roof and sunshade so that you can sleep under the stars at night. 

15. Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort – Greece

Best Stargazing Hotels - Mykonos
Photo Courtesy of

When you thought that Mykonos couldn’t be a dreamier place, Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort appears. This glamorous hotel provides the typical Greek affair: azure sea, white sand beaches, high-end restaurants, and vivid nightlife. However, their proposal has an extra component: stargazing.

The hotel’s unique beachfront makes for a fantastic spot to watch the starry night with the Island of Delos as the backdrop. Some suites even have private telescopes!

16. PurePods – New Zealand

Photo Courtesy of PurePods

New Zealand is one of the few countries where nature still preserves its own identity. PurePods, tiny glass eco-cabins, are a fantastic way to connect with the country’s wildlife in style. There are six PurePods in New Zealand, with only one pod in the country’s most unique and secluded parts.

While each pod offers different experiences, one theme traverses all PurePods: pristine nature all around. The Phone and GreyStone pods are a perfect fit for stargazers who can go to sleep with the Southern Cross and millions of other stars above every night. 

17. Skylodge Adventure Suites – Peru

Best Stargazing Hotels - Skylodge
Photo courtesy of Skylodge Adventures

Glass domes are already popular among the stargazing community, but the Skylodge Adventure Suites take them to another level. They hang the domes 400 meters high.

Located in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru, Skylodge Adventure Suites is an exclusive resort offering completely transparent hanging bedrooms. The Skylodges sit 400 meters above the ground, and many mountaineers rent the rooms to start acclimating to the area’s altitude. Getting up there is not easy, with guests having to hike an intrepid trail through zip-lines. The reward, however, is worth it: impressive views of the Sacred Valley, a sea of stars, and flying condors just outside your window.

18. Soneva Jani – Maldives

Photo courtesy of Soneva

Not many people know that the Maldives are a fantastic spot for stargazing. The luxurious islands sit right above the equator, enjoying stars from both hemispheres. Soneva Jani, a luxury resort on a private lagoon only accessible by seaplane, is arguably the best place to enjoy the dark sky.

They offer plenty of ways to navigate the cosmos: foodies can do it with the Star-lit Dining Experience; fierce stargazers can book a guided experience with the hotel’s in-house astronomer and the 16” telescope. As for accommodation, you can book the Bedroom Water Reserve, an over-water villa with a retractable roof that reveals magical skies at the touch of a button.

19. The Style & Spa Resort Lindenhof – Austria

Stargazing Hotels - Austria

The Style & Spa Resort Lindenhof caters to travelers seeking a holistic and relaxing stay. There’s a spa, saunas, cycling and hiking trails, golfing courts, and fitness classes. Pretty much every activity fits into the wellness spectrum.

The resort sits far from big cities, right at the foot of Dachstein Mountain. There’s not much besides towering pines when you go outside, making it a stunning area to gaze at the glistening stars. The hotel rooms are pretty good stargazing spots, with private terraces overlooking the valley and mountains.

20. Monument Valley View Hotel – Arizona, USA

Stargazing in Airzona - Monument Valley - Chao Yen via Flickr
Photo credit: Chao Yen via Flickr

Its name already gives you a hint, Monument Valley View Hotel in Arizona provides guests with dark sky views that don’t disappoint. The View Hotel is the only hotel located inside Monument Valley Tribal Park. So you’ll experience up close and personal the iconic sandstone buttes and martian landscape that characterize Monument Valley. 

Being far from metropolitan areas, the hotel has made the most of its remote location and low light pollution. They offer sunset tours, sunrise tours, and stargazing tours, although you won’t need them since you’ll have fantastic views from your room’s window. 

20. Treebones – California, USA

Stargazing Hotels - Treebones
Photo courtesy of Treebones

Styled like a Mongolian yurt, Treebones in California is a unique glamping experience. The Treebones Resort features sixteen yurts along the Big Sur coast. All yurts feature high-end facilities: a queen-size bed and couches, sinks, heaters, and electric lights.

They also have a private deck where guests come out to take in breathtaking sunset and night views at the end of the day. The resort’s grounds are gorgeous, full of natural beauty, and dozens of hikes to explore nearby.  

22. 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat – Switzerland

Best Stargazing Hotels - Kulmhotel Gornergrat
Photo courtesy of Kulmhotel Gornergrat

Yes, there’s more to the Swiss Alps than scenic skiing. Located on the Gornergrat, 3100 Kulmhotel is a historic hotel dating back to 1896. Thanks to the clean air and good light conditions of the area, the hotel decided to build a dome on each of the hotel’s two towers in 1996 and install a telescope inside each night tower. Unfortunately, the telescopes remain for professional use only.

However, you can book a private tour of the observatory when the crew works there. There’s also a delightful Dining with the Stars experience, where an astronomer shows you the night sky as you indulge in savory dishes.

Okay, so which one of these stargazing hotels is on your space tourism bucket list? Let me know any questions in the comments!

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