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    The 10 Most Amazing Stargazing Airbnbs Around the World

    Looking for a night sky getaway? The world is your oyster. The only question is… where will you sleep? How about staying at one of the world’s best stargazing Airbnbs!

    Luckily there are tons of options. From space-themed hotels to bubble hotels and glamping spots, there are plenty of amazing places where you can stargaze before bed – or even stargaze from bed!

    If you like staying in Airbnbs, this post is one to help you build out your space tourist bucket list. We’ve scoured the globe to find some of the best Airbnbs for stargazing around the world. Read on to book one (or all) of these stargazing Airbnbs – with a private observatory, glass roofs, and even an open-air bedroom, you’re sure to find at least one worth traveling for.

    Skywatch Observatory Domestays – NSW, Australia

    Best Stargazing Airbnbs - Skywatch Observatory Domestays
    Photo: Airbnb

    The ‘Domestay’ at Skywatch Observatory near Coonabarabran in New South Wales is quirky. It’s a larger option for groups of up to six, with funky design touches and a nearby 18-hole mini-golf course. But once the sun sets, you’ll get why this place is so popular for stargazing: there’s an observatory in the backyard!

    Inside this private observatory, you’ll find a 12.5-inch Newtonian telescope ready to reveal the wonders of the night sky. The hosts can teach you how to use the telescope, or guide you on a tour of the universe.

    Starts from $114/night. Book Skywatch Observatory Domestays on Airbnb.

    Dark Skies Book Lonely Planet

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    Dark Skies: A Practical Guide to Astrotourism is a brand new book from Lonely Planet, written by STG founder Valerie Stimac.

    It covers stargazing spots, including some mentioned in this post, aurora viewing, eclipses, rocket launches, and even space tourism!

    Geodesic Dome near World Biosphere Reserve – Chile

    Best Stargazing Airbnbs - Geodesic Dome
    Photo: Airbnb

    Chile is a dream stargazing destination with places like the Equil Valley and the Atacama Desert within its borders. While this Geodesic Dome isn’t in either of those locations, it is located near a World Biosphere Reserve, La Campana National Park.

    You’ll be roughing it a little to enjoy the stars from this dome (think: outhouse, limited power) but it’s worth it as you look out over a remote vista in central Chile and see nothing but stars.

    Starts from $62/night. Book Geodesic Dome on Airbnb.

    Glamping Pod with Glass Roof – Ireland

    Ireland - bob fox via Flickr
    Photo credit: bob fox via Flickr

    Ireland isn’t known for its clear skies, but it’s worth the risk to stay in this funky architectural Glamping Pod. It’s a little hard to get a sense of the structure of the building from the Airbnb pictures, but we’re sure there’s a glass roof above both the bed and the bathtub so you can enjoy the night sky from either place if it’s visible.

    It’s a few hours drive outside Dublin to reach this spot, so it works well as part of a larger trip around Ireland. Maybe add in a stop at Kerry Dark Sky Park to try and see the stars there too.

    Starts from $44/night. Book Lazy Lodge Glamping Pod on Airbnb.

    Glass House Monferrato – Italy

    Best Stargazing Airbnbs - Glass House Monferrato
    Photo: Airbnb

    You know what they say about people in glass houses right? They have excellent stargazing opportunities!

    The Glass House Monferrato is actually nestled among trees and lacks a glass roof, so you can’t lay in bed and look straight up as you can with some of the other stargazing Airbnbs on this list. However, you can look out from bed, over the patio and hot tub toward the ski – or you can enjoy the same view from your en suite all-glass sauna.

    Starts from $542/night. Book Glass House Monferrato on Airbnb.

    Namseb Lodge Chalet – Namibia

    Namibia - Thomas Gerhard via Flickr
    Photo credit: Thomas Gerhard via Flickr

    There are actually five chalets at the Namseb Lodge listed on Airbnb. Number 1 and Number 4 seem to be the most popular based on the reviews (they all appear the same!).

    Though there’s nothing about the structures specifically that makes these lodges perfect for stargazing, it’s all about location. They’re all clustered together (but not too close) in the Namseb Plateau, a huge expanse of African savannah with little else in sight. Once the sun sets, you can sit out on your private patio or take a dip in your pool and look up at an unobstructed dome of night sky overhead.

    Starts from $25/night. Book Namseb Lodge Chalet Number 1 on Airbnb.

    UFO Camp with Glass Roof – Norway

    Best Stargazing Airbnbs - UFO Camp
    Photo: Airbnb

    We generally think of the Norwegian as practical, reasonable people with great taste in sweater designs and excellent aurora-viewing prospects. But this one shows that even the Norwegians have a quirky side.

    Whether You Want to Believe! or not, the UFO Camp with Glass Roof near Hessdalen (several hours north of Oslo) is definitely a unique overnight spot. These round tipi structures are strong enough to ward off the chill of a winter night in Norway, but have glass panels near the apex of the building to offer you stunning views of the night sky and/or northern lights.

    Starts from $138/night. Book the UFO Camp with Glass Roof on Airbnb.

    Luxury Shepherds Hut – United Kingdom

    UK - jules:g via Flickr
    Photo credit: jules:g via Flickr

    You don’t often hear the words “luxury” and “shepherd’s hut” in the same sentence, but this Airbnb in Cornwall, England will convince you that in certain circumstances, they can. This cute tiny house, called “Stargazer” is located on a large estate, but it’s the details that make a difference.

    There’s a deck overlooking a lake where you can enjoy the night sky until it’s too chilly, then head indoors to warm up by the small wood stove. You can even stargaze from the memory foam mattress out the glass window in the roof! Luxury indeed.

    Starts from $85/night. Book the “Stargazer” Luxury Shepherd’s Hut on Airbnb.

    Architect’s Off-Grid Stargazing Cabin – California, USA

    Best Stargazing Airbnbs - Architect's Off-Grid Stargazing Cabin
    Photo: Airbnb

    If you’ve seen our guide to stargazing in Joshua Tree, you know this splurge-worthy Architect’s Off-Grid Stargazing Cabin tops our list for where to stay during your trip.

    A stunning bespoke home with an open-air bedroom that allows you to literally look straight out at the sky, you may be tempted to never leave to explore the nearby National Park. But, once you’ve freshened up in the luxe bathroom and admired the view out the huge windows, you’ll be tempted to go out and stargaze in Joshua Tree and then come back and doze off under the stars.

    Stars from $280/night. Book the Architect’s Off-Grid Stargazing Cabin on Airbnb.

    Off the Grid Fire Tower – Oregon, USA

    Best Stargazing Airbnbs - Summit Prairie Fire Tower
    Photo: Airbnb

    You know you’ve seen it on Instagram: this fire tower-turned-Airbnb is located deep in the woods in southwest Oregon… but at 40 feet up, you’ll be high enough for huge night sky views once the sun goes down.

    The Summit Prairie Fire Tower is so popular that they book out months in advance using Airbnb, and you need to join a mailing list to try and get your spot during the 10 minutes booking is open each season. But, once you’ve hiked up to the tower and climbed to the top, you’ll see it’s all worth it.

    Starts from $175/night. Book the Fire Tower on Airbnb.

    Stargazing Hut – Tennessee, USA

    Best Stargazing Airbnbs - Stargazing Hut
    Photo: Airbnb

    Nestled in the woods of eastern Tennessee near the Blue Ridge Mountains, this funky off-grid tiny home is perfect for those who want to get way away from it all. In the shape of a Quonset hut, the entire roof of the Stargazing Hut is transparent plastic, so you can see the stars twinkling overhead as you lay in bed.

    Be prepared that you’ll be rough it a bit, but that’s what it takes to get a pocket of the dark sky as you’ll find here.

    Starts from $80/night. Book the Stargazing Hut on Airbnb.

    Which of these stargazing Airbnbs will you add to your travel list? Let s know in the comments!

    Featured photo credit: Airbnb

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