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Amazing Space-Wanderlust Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow

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We peer up to the night sky, our minds set on how we might someday get there and look down on where we once stood looking up. During the daylight hours, we browse social feeds looking for inspiration and news about space and space tourism.

To help keep you inspired and looking starward, here’s a collection of photographers to follow on Instagram that will brighten up your feed with star trails, spacesuits, and many photos of our beautiful planet.

1. @everydayastronaut

I was late to the game as an @everydayastronaut follower, but it’s by far one of my favorite accounts to see come across my feed. ‘Bringing space down to earth for everyday people,’ photographer Tim dons an old Russian flight suit to stage elaborate and inspiring photos of life on earth — and ‘in space.’ In 2017, it became his full-time job.

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2. @johnkrausphotos

John is young – like 17 years young – but his photos belie this fact with their technical precision. As a photographer for American Space, John gets behind the scenes to take you up close and personal at launches; he mixes these in with photos of Florida’s beautiful Space Coast.

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3. @smallstepsaregiantleaps

@smallstepsaregiantleaps’ official tagline is ‘A pint-sized astronaut’s exploration of our everyday world,’ and unsurprisingly, it’s adorable. Similar to @everydayastronaut, young astronaut-to-be Harrison dons his spacesuit to explore planet earth and reminds us it’s pretty cool down here too.

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4. @wearegofl

Technically, we should call @wearegofl a ‘hub’ account, since they primarily collect and re-share photos of space-related activities throughout Florida. It’s still fun to follow along since this gives the account flexibility to post a variety of different photos and styles.

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5. @jm0seley

Joshua’s Instagram account was private when we first added him to this list. It’s now public, and you can find many of his amazing launch photos shared by @wearegofl — and for good reason! Not all of his photos are space related (he’s also a proud new dad), but the ones that do feature launches are beautiful in the artistry of the arcs he captures and shares.

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6. @spacex

Maybe I’m biased, but SpaceX is my favorite player in the ‘space tourism game’ (though I’d argue that Elon Musk doesn’t consider tourism as a driver of his business decisions). The company may not officially invest much in marketing efforts, but the decision to make their photos public domain and release them out over Instagram (and Flickr) is great for the common good. It’s fun to turn on photo notifications each time they have a launch coming up.

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7. @launchphoto

As the name suggests, photographer Ben’s @launchphoto account is focused heavily on great photos of launches — from the launch pad to the atmosphere. He mixes this up with photos of various destinations like New York City and national parks across the country, reminding you why it’s pretty great even though we’re still waiting on space tourism to give us our own launch opportunities.

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8. @thekevingreene

Kevin is an LA-based photographer who manages to seamlessly make you want to visit both Los Angeles and the stunning moon/night sky views beyond. Mixed in, you’ll see some light painting, silhouettes, and light trails, which give his feed an ethereal feel.

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9. @benesoliver

Oliver’s feed isn’t entirely made up of night sky photos — in between stunning views of the Milky Way, he shares photos that highlight the beauty of the Czech Republic. Rather than detracting from his portfolio, the photos together comprise a sense of earthy — and otherworldly–beauty that’s eye-catching in your feed. Oh, and can you believe he’s just 16?

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10. @spacetourismguide

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our own account, @spacetourismguide, as one of the ones we think you should follow if you love space – yes, we’re biased! Our account is full of astrophotography, launch photos, and some of the other best space tourism related photos on the internet.

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What is your favorite space or astrophotography Instagram account?

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