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28 Outer Space Gifts for the Future Space Tourist

In Space Tourism by Valerie Stimac

These are the coolest gifts we could find. No nerdy or cheap options here!

When it comes time to shop for your favorite fan of outer space, there are a lot of gifts to choose from. The range goes from ‘cheesy’ to ‘technical’ quickly, and it’s hard to spot exactly which gifts fall in the ‘cool’ range of the spectrum.

In this guide, you will find some of the most design-forward gifts related to outer space and space tourism. No need to settle for low quality or low res options; these ones are cool enough to go in anyone’s house or wardrobe.

Before launching in to the gifts themselves, be sure to stock up on galaxy wrapping paper (pictured above). You can also seal it with galaxy printed duct tape to stay truly committed to the space theme of your gift and win over your space-loving friends.

Space Gifts: Kitchen & Housewares

Food, Drink & Kitchen Space-Themed Gifts

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and we always need some extra ‘space’ in the kitchen, right?

It’s easy to go overboard with space themed dishes and decor; opt for subtle space elements instead. The Planetary Glass Set from ThinkGeek ($42 on Amazon) was so popular when they first launched it that it sold out for years; in addition to drinking, we’ve seen it used for holding votive candles and creating a brightly colored solar system in any room of the house.

Depending on your preferred poison, the Astronomy Whiskey Flask($20 on Amazon) or Astronaut Tea Infuser ($13 on Amazon) can work as great small gifts or stocking stuffers. Finally, you can share space with the whole family if you snag a set of Planetary Lollipopsfrom Etsy ($16)

Space Gifts: Art

Space Art & Home Decor

When it comes to space art, there are loads of great choices, but here are three of the best:

  • Chart of Cosmic Exploration ($38 from Pop Chart Lab) — This cool poster (pictured above) shows all of our efforts to observe and understand our solar system in the tech and path each has taken.
  • Custom Star Map ($60 from The Night Sky) — If you want to commemorate a meaningful moment (the birth of a child, anniversary, favorite day…), order a map of the sky at that moment in stunning minimalist design.
  • Visions of the Future Space Tourism Posters (Free from NASA plus printing) — NASA’s famous retro tourism posters feature destinations from Mars to TRAPPIST-1e, and they’re totally free to download and print. You can use a local printing service to print the 15 available posters for as little as $5 each.

Moon Light

$34 from The Apollo Box

One of the coolest things on this list, this moon light turns your desk into a cool, calm workspace under the gentle glow of the moon. There are several different stands to choose from, but the hand makes the moon feel like it’s within easy reach.

Space Gifts: Spinning Desk Planets

Spinning Desk Planets & Moons

From $280 on Amazon

These 6-inch spinning planets and moons are totally mesmerizing, and a perfect decoration for a shelf or desk. They even offer Vesta as an option (#6) for the less conventional space tourist — or fan of Planetary Resources.

1 . Mercury // 2. Venus // 3. Earth //4. Moon //5. Mars
Vesta // 7. Jupiter // 8. Saturn // 9. Titan // 10. Neptune

Space Gifts: Miniature Solar System

Miniature Solar System

On backorder

When a company calls itself the ‘Little Planet Factory,’ you just know they make something awesome. While their popular miniature solar system is currently on backorder, bookmark it for the outer space fan who has everything else on this list already.

In the privacy of their home, your space-loving recipient can enjoy sleeping under the stars with a Solar System Duvet ($99 on Amazon), or add space to a much neglected room with vegan Galaxy Soaps ($9 on Etsy).

Space Gifts: Solar System Rings

Space-Themed Accessories, Clothing & Jewelry

Solar System Rings

These stacking rings are a splurge ($145 on Etsy), but they’re a subtle way to wear the entire solar system on you at all times. Stack the whole nine-ring set, or choose which planets you want to show off on a given day . The beauty of stacking rings in the ability to mix and match to fit your mood, the night sky, or your outfit.

Feel like a Star from Head to Toe

There are loads of space-patterned clothing items out there, but to be honest, it looks like most of it got caught in a paintball fight. Instead opt for some subtlety with a galaxy-printed infinity scarf ($8 on Amazon) or outer space sneakers ($33 on Amazon).

Space Gifts: Planet Necklaces

Planetary Necklaces

$40 on The Apollo Box

If you find one particular planet is special or meaningful, you can wear it close to your heart with one of these minimalist planetary necklaces. Choose from dark and enchanting Neptune, sky blue marbled Earth, or fiery Mars with one of its moons.

Space Gifts: Space Tech

Space-Designed Tech Accessories

Lastly, if your favorite outer space fan is also a tech junky, let them trick out their favorite device in galaxy printed skins and cases.

  • A Galaxy MacBook skin ($22 on Etsy) is a beautiful addition to Apple’s sleek design.
  • A neoprene Galaxy-printed computer sleeve ($21 on Amazon) is perfect for the computer user who doesn’t want to stick something to their computer.
  • Make the whole set match with a Galaxy phone case ($14 on Amazon), which comes in sizes for most Apple and Android models.

Which gifts are at the top of your list?

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