The Night Sky in 2022: When to Go Stargazing All Year Long


Discover the Wonders of the Night Sky in 2022! Whether you’re brand new to stargazing or keen to explore some new types of night sky sights, this ebook will inspire you with over 140 night sky events worth marking on your calendar and going stargazing to see.



Highlighting over 140 astronomical events in 2022 and opportunities to spot celestial objects including:

  • Important dates for solar eclipses and lunar eclipses in 2022
  • Peak dates for seven major meteor showers in 2022 and 29 minor meteor showers
  • When to see the planets in our solar system throughout the year
  • When to see comets and asteroids streaking across our night sky
  • Ideal dates to see each of our solar system’s dwarf planets in 2022

… and more!