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13 Fascinating Summer Solstice Celebrations Around the World

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On June 20, 2020, the earth will experience the June solstice. This is the point of greatest daylight for those of us who live in the upper hemisphere. While many people let the summer solstice pass without note, those of us who pay attention to astronomic events know it’s an exciting day. Additionally, people around the world have long celebrated …

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11 Must-See Astronomical Events in the June Night Sky

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Some months may not seem particularly exciting for stargazing when you first glance – like this month – and then you dig into the astronomical events to realize how much is actually going on. Planetary viewing opportunities, a small meteor shower, and a chance to see both a comet and an astroid form the basic highlights of what to see in …

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How to Plan a Trip to Go Stargazing in the Elqui Valley, Chile

In Stargazing Guide by Valerie Stimac

Now that the sun has set and the dogs have stopped barking, the night is silent. The stars shine overhead. The Milky Way stretches across the sky, with inky spots punctuating its light. Our nearest galactic neighbors, the Magellanic Clouds sit in the southern sky. This is the night sky above the Elqui Valley, one of the world’s top stargazing …

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What It’s Like to Go to Space Camp [Updated for 2020]

In Space on Earth, Space Tourism by Valerie Stimac

Did you dream of being an astronaut as a kid? Maybe your own kid is completely space-obsessed. Whether you’re enduring an endless stream of pleas from your child – or your inner child –, it’s time to go to Space Camp! Space Camp is a one-of-a-kind experience where you can relive those dreams of astronaut stardom or let your own …