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The 14 Best Places to Go Stargazing in Miami

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Sandwiched between the alligator-infested swamplands of the Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean, Miami is a slice of culture on the U.S. East Coast. Unfortunately, with such a narrow geography, the city has become highly developed and stargazing activities are pretty unheard of – even by locals who’ve called Miami home for years. While it is not easy to see the …

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The 17 Best Places to Go Stargazing in Denver

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At 5,280ft above sea level, Denver has an obvious advantage when it comes to stargazing: extra elevation means clearer night skies! The capital of Colorado has other advantages that make it a stellar stargazing destination: wild mountains to the west; sweeping plains to the east; and passionate locals who protect and love the outdoors.b Whether you call Denver home or …

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13 Famous Craters You Can Visit

In Space Tourism by Valerie Stimac

Nothing takes your breath away quite like a giant reminder that earth gets pummeled by extraterrestrial objects all the time. Planet earth is a dynamic place to live. As we spin through space, thaustere are loads of objects we can — and do — collide with. Our moon is evidence of that! Just look how pock-marked it is, after millennia …

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13 Space Themed Hotels & Suites Right Here on Earth

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For many people, a luxury hotel room is a perfect option while they travel. With multiple shower heads, plush bathrobes, and a stocked minibar, they’re set for the night. For those of us who dream of being among the stars as those same stars wheel overhead, we want something a little different when we travel. We want The Martian, Interstellar, and Gravity on pay-per-view. …