Right now, Oregon is an eclipse-chaser’s dream!

After experiencing totality in Salem, Oregon in August 2017, we were surprised to learn that another eclipse will pass through another part of the state in the next few years. In October 2023, an annular eclipse will pass through southeast Oregon… including Crater Lake!


Crater Lake was formed 7,700 years ago by the collapse of a volcano in the Cascade Mountain range; it’s now a U.S. National Park and popular tourist site in the region. On October 14, 2023, an annular (“ring of fire”) eclipse will pass right over the lake — a perfect opportunity for eclipse chasers and astrotourists to be humbled by this confluence astronomy and geology.

This tour will take place from October 12–16, 2023. It will include seeing the annular eclipse on October 14th, stargazing over Crater Lake, and a visit to the nearby Oregon Caves in southwest Oregon. At this point, the origination of the tour is undecided.

The Eclipse Over Crater Lake tour will be limited to 8 guests.

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