Stargazing in Joshua Tree National Park - NPS/Lian Law

Stargazing in Joshua Tree National Park - NPS/Lian Law

Experience an otherworldly sight: the Milky Way rising above the desert landscape dotted with bizarre Joshua Trees.

In the summer of 2019, join fellow Space Tourism Guide community members and founder Valerie Stimac for a weekend trip to Joshua Tree National Park in California. Valerie will be responsible for all the planning and itinerary for this trip and will be on-hand following the itinerary that you can join her for.

Trip Details & Pricing

These are “community trips” rather than our standard guided trip offering. As a community trip, things work a little differently. Instead of paying a total cost for a guided tour…

  • For $50, you’ll receive a complete guide to booking this trip including travel suggestions, a complete itinerary, and access the block of rooms reserved for STG community members. 
  • For $100, you’ll receive all the travel guide and info, plus Valerie will work with you to book any car and flight reservations you need taken care of. 
  • This cost is for 1-2 people sharing the same hotel room.

You will still be responsible for the cost of your airfare, accommodation, car rental, park access fee, and any meals or other activities. 

As part of the travel guide, you will receive a complete itinerary that you can choose to follow at your own discretion. Included in this itinerary, you will find pricing for all activities so you can choose how much you want to do. The current cost of the trip is estimated at $500-$600 for 1-2 people for the weekend. There will be a maximum of eight people on this trip.

Planned Activities

Here are some of the activities you can expect to see on the itinerary:

  • Daytime sightseeing in Joshua Tree National Park and the surrounding region
  • Two stargazing/astrophotography sessions* in Joshua Tree National Park
  • One early morning photography session in Joshua Tree National Park
  • A visit to Sky’s the Limit Observatory to view through the telescope(s)

*Please note that as this is a community trip, no formal photography training will be given during the trip. In advance, you’ll be provided with resources on astrophotography and stargazing, and general tips will be given during each session.

Trip Date

Join the 2019 trip from August 9-11.

Bonus: Commemorative Mission Patch

All tour attendees will receive a special Joshua Tree Space Tourism Guide mission patch during the tour. These patches, pictured at left, are only available to tour attendees and are specific to each destination where we host tours.

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Photo credits:

  1. Lian Law, NPS via Flickr
  2. Hannah Schwalbe, NPS via Flickr
  3. Valerie Stimac
  4. Hannah Schwalbe, NPS via Flickr