Space Tourism Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Space Tourism

Space tourism is the core of our website: it’s why we started Space Tourism Guide!

We think space tourism is the most exciting part of the aerospace industry, and have been (im)patiently waiting for the first commercial passenger flights with major space tourism companies like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin.

While we aren’t sure when we’ll finally get to go to space (or when it will be more affordable), we’re excited to support, educate about, and promote space tourism

The Basics of Space Tourism

Before diving into who’s who – and who can take you to space – here’s a breakdown of the basics of space tourism.
Learn what it is, how long space tourism has been happening, and what we predict will happen next.

The Players in the Space Tourism Industry

The space tourism industry has some incredible companies dating back to the early 2000s. This section highlights some of the top players in depth, too.

Space Adventures Space Tourism Company
Space Aventures
2019 Space Tourism Predictions - Bigelow Aerospace
Bigelow Aerospace
VSS Unity Glides Home after Second Supersonic Flight
Virgin Galactic
Space Tourism Companies - Blue Origin
Blue Origin
SpaceX Space Tourism Company - Launch Facility

Space Tourism News

Our founder Valerie covers space tourism news for Forbes.