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Rocket Launches

Where to See Rockets & Launches Around the Globe

There’s nothing quite as awe inspiring as seeing a rocket lift up from earth. In this section, you can learn about rocket launches, where to see them, and where some of the historic artifacts of launches can be visited around the world. We’re still working to build out this section, so check back for future resources.

Watching a Rocket Launch in Person

There are rocket launch facilities around the world; some are open to the public while others are not. At this point, we only have a travel guide for visiting Vandenberg; we hope to add Kennedy/Canaveral and Wallops soon.

Other international launch facilities include the Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand; Korou, French Guiana; Baikonur Cosmodrome, Russia; Tanegashima Space Center, Japan; and Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, China.

If you want to see a rocket launch in person, be sure to check out these tips on planning your trip to see a rocket launch.

Visiting Rocket Launch Artifacts

We’re lucky to have a well-preserved history of rocketry in the U.S. and you can visit some of these artifacts in person. Here are some resources to help.

NASA Sites & History

Apollo Command Module Hero

If you want to see NASA sites, here are some resources:

Where to See the Apollo Command Modules

Plus how to visit the following NASA facilities: Johnson, Marshall, Michoud

Space Shuttles

Click to read how and where you can see the Space Shuttle:

Atlantis (coming soon!)
Discovery (coming soon!)

Other Space Sites

Russian Space Museums Hero

In addition to U.S. aerospace history sites, there are some great ones around the world.

The 6 Best Russian Space Museums for Soviet Aerospace History