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5 Easy, DIY Space Halloween Costumes for 2023

Halloween is fast approaching… do you have your space Halloween costumes ready? I’ll admit, one of two things always happens to me. Either I forget about Halloween until about October 29th and have to scramble to put together a costume or – more recently, thanks to writing this post a few years ago – I grab my blue astronaut jumpsuit and call it a good.

If you’re a space fan but unsure what costume to wear this year, here are four great ideas that you can easily make at home. Best of all, they’re all space-inspired, so you can proudly show your love of outer space however you celebrate Halloween.

This post was originally published in October 2017, and was updated most recently in September 2023.

1. NASA Astronaut

Space Camp - Orion Sim

Instantly recognizable, the blue astronaut jumpsuit look is a great space-themed costume for Halloween. When you DIY this costume, you can make it as sexy or unsexy as you like — a real problem for some women who know blue mini-skirt costumes available for sale are simply not practical in space!

How to Make this Costume:

  1. Take your blue jumpsuit and affix patches as appropriate to match an astronaut’s patches.
  2. Don your baseball cap and sneakers and you’re ready!

2. EVA Astronaut

Space Halloween Costumes - Astronaut

Instead of opting for NASA’s iconic blue suits, you might want to look even more space-y – that is, someone who’s ready to jump out of the airlock to complete a mission or explore the mysteries beyond our atmosphere. Also, in the era of private space exploration, it’s always fun to come up with your own astronaut outfit based on the company you’re most enthusiastic about!

How to Make this Costume:

  1. Put together a shiny silver outfit; you could buy a one piece jumpsuit, but opting for a jacket and pants is going to be way more comfortable (especially if you are headed to a party that might serve anything you want to drink and thus necessitate a visit to the space toilet!).
  2. You could also choose a vest instead and/or put a celestially shiny shirt underneath so you have lots of options for staying comfortable. I include all these choices as clothing coated silver usually doesn’t breathe very well and can get quite sweaty!
  3. For shoes, slip on a pair of these silver sneakers to finish the look.
  4. You could add patches – like the NASA ones listed above – or cheer for the private sector with these SpaceX patches.
  5. Lady astronauts might also want to add extra sparkle with some silver makeup.
  6. Lastly, you might want to make it really obvious you’re an astronaut by the rest of your outfit, you could add on a helmet – or just carry one around.

3. Eclipse Chaser

Space Halloween Costumes: Eclipse Chaser

If you’ve been chasing eclipses in the past few years, invested in all the memorabilia, and are now unsure what you’ll do with your cool solar eclipse swag, this is the costume for you. Dig out your eclipse glasses, don that overpriced tee you bought at the eclipse event, and you’re set!

You could also instead choose to get excited for the upcoming solar eclipse in April 2024; there are so many tee shirt designs you could choose from, as I’ve linked below.

How to Make this Costume:

  1. Pull out your old eclipse tee or buy a new one about an upcoming eclipse.
  2. Put your camera – in its space case, of course – around your neck
  3. Slip your eclipse glasses over your eyes. Note: you’ll need to take them off to see, as proper eclipse glasses provide so much protection that you can’t see in normal conditions!

4. The Universe

Examples from Instagram for Universe Costume

If you want to go generic space themed for Halloween this year, you can pull together this costume in just a few hours. This definitely does require a bit more work to put together than the other costumes I’ve mentioned so far, but it’s also really unique. Bonus: nobody will wonder what you’re trying to be, as it’s super obvious!

How to Make this Costume:

  1. Grab your outfit and lay it out with the front facing up.
  2. Use the super glue to glue a random assortment of stars, galaxies, and other space shapes to the front of the outfit. Let the glue dry.
  3. Flip the outfit over and do the same on the back. Let dry.
  4. Once dry, put the outfit on and check that you don’t have any gaps in how you’ve attached the stars and galaxies. Glue on extra pieces as needed.

5. Shooting Star

If you want to be the star of your Halloween festivities, here’s your chance. This amazingly cute costume comes from Camille Styles, a blogger whose easy DIY Halloween costumes are always a hit. This one is a really simple combination of gold clothing and accessories with a little bit of crepe paper – and it will help you shine on the 31st, even after the sun goes down.

How to Make this Costume:

  1. Take your gold outfit (here’s one for men) and glue strips of crepe paper to both of the sleeves.
  2. Pop on your sneakers and tiara.
  3. Grab a few handfuls of star confetti so you can share your shine with others. You could also attach a few to your cheeks with adhesive.

And you’re all set! Have any questions about putting together these DIY space halloween costumes? Let me know in the comments below!

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