Space Halloween Costumes

3 Easy Space Halloween Costumes You Can Make At Home

In Space Gear by Valerie Stimac

Halloween is fast approaching… do you have your costume ready?

If you’re a space fan but unsure what costume to wear this year, here are three great ideas that you can easily make at home. Bonus? They’re all space-inspired, so you can proudly show your love of outer space however you celebrate Halloween.

1. NASA Astronaut

Instantly recognizable, the blue astronaut jumpsuit look is a great space-themed costume for Halloween. When you DIY this costume, you can make it as sexy or unsexy as you like — a real problem for some women who know blue mini-skirt costumes available for sale are simply not practical in space!

Space Halloween Costumes: AstronautThe NASA Astronaut Class of 2004. Photo credit: Photo via Wikimedia Commons

How to Make this Costume:

  1. Take your blue jumpsuit and affix patches as appropriate to match an astronaut’s patches.
  2. Don your baseball cap and sneakers and you’re ready!

Don’t want to do-it-yourself? Buy this costume pre-made on Amazon.

2. Eclipse Chaser

If you planned a trip to see Totality on August 21st, 2017, invested in all the memorabilia, and are now unsure what you’ll do with your cool solar eclipse swag, this is the costume for you.

Dig out your eclipse glasses, don that overpriced tee you bought at the eclipse event, and you’re set!

Space Halloween Costumes: Eclipse Chaser

How to Make this Costume:

  1. Grab your old solar eclipse tee shirt out of your closet. If you can’t find one, try visiting a local thrift shop or buy one on Amazon.
  2. Put your camera around your neck and your eclipse glasses over your eyes. Note: you’ll need to take them off to see!

Don’t want to do-it-yourself? This one’s pretty easy; you can definitely do it yourself!

3. The Universe

If you want to go generic space themed for Halloween this year, you can pull together this costume in just a few hours. Bonus: nobody will wonder what you’re trying to be, as it’s super obvious!

Examples from Instagram for Universe Costume

How to Make this Costume:

  1. Grab your outfit and lay it out with the front facing up.
  2. Use the super glue to glue a random assortment of stars, galaxies, and other space shapes to the front of the outfit. Let the glue dry.
  3. Flip the outfit over and do the same on the back. Let dry.
  4. Once dry, put the outfit on and check that you don’t have any gaps in how you’ve attached the stars and galaxies. Glue on extra pieces as needed.

Don’t want to do-it-yourself?

Need other costume ideas?

Here are some other great DIY space costumes we found:

  • Shooting Star, via Camille Styles — this costume cleverly uses tights, glue, and spray paint to make a complex costume look dazzling.
  • Lumpy Space Princess — perfect for fans of Adventure Time.
  • Space Family, via Made by Izzaro — a set of insanely clever DIY costumes for the whole family.
  • Saturn & Rings, via Real Simple — if you’re good at hula-hooping, this costume is even better.
  • The Sun — an easy DIY headband and gold makeup make this costume a super easy last-minute option.

Happy Halloween!

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