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5 Space Tourism Predictions for 2020

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In early 2017, one of the first posts I wrote for Space Tourism Guide was a post of space tourism predictions for the coming year. Back then, I predicted we’d see manned test flights, falling prices, and more interest in space tourism-related activities on earth. Unfortunately, it has taken a long time for these predictions to come to pass! In …

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Space Adventures: Space Tourism Company Profile

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The world’s first space tourism company, it’s impossible to talk about space tourism without considering the history and influence of one company: Space Adventures. Space Adventures has helped ordinary citizens actually reach space. But, this comes at a particularly high price tag compared to some other space tourism options that are currently in development. In this series on space tourism …

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SpaceX: Space Tourism Company Profile

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In the last few years, the space tourism industry has grown widely. Companies that didn’t exist or were not involved at all are now major players in providing the intrepid citizens of earth with a ticket to space. While not strictly focused on space tourism, SpaceX is one such company. From their rough start in the late 2000s to becoming …

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Blue Origin: Space Tourism Company Profile

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If you were one of the wealthiest people alive, what would you do with your fortune? Amazon founder Jeff Bezos decided to spend his wealth developing a space tourism and transport company: Blue Origin. He has publicly stated that he has invested as much as $1 Billion per year into getting Blue Origin ‘off the ground,’ no pun intended. In …

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Virgin Galactic: Space Tourism Company Profile

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If you want to go to space, you’re not alone! In this series on space tourism companies, we profile each of the top space tourism companies to help you learn more about them and what kind of space experience they offer. Below, you can learn more about Virgin Galactic, Sir Richard Branson’s rocket-assisted spaceplane company. Future Space Tourist? Dark Skies: …

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How to Plan an Acadia National Park Stargazing Trip

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The wind whips up over the mountaintop. It’s the kind of night where you can’t help but shiver – except there are so many stars overhead that it’s distractingly beautiful. This is what it’s like stargazing in Acadia National Park. If you want this experience for yourself, you’re not alone. Acadia National Park is one of the best spots for …

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9 Amazing Ways to Experience Space in Huntsville, Alabama

In Space Tourism by Valerie Stimac

If you’re a space nerd at all, you know about Huntsville, Alabama. If you’re not, maybe you heard about it on The New York Times’ 52 Places list this year. It was selected because of the rising interest in astrotourism and space. It’s also the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing this July, and they’re planning a massive party …