See the Northern Lights in Sweden - Photo by Béatrice Karjalainen via Flickr

The Northern Lights in Sweden: All You Need to Know

Beautiful countryside, delicious fika and coffee breaks, and the chance to see the world’s best aurora from an ice hotel… Who’s in? Canada, Norway, and Iceland may get all the limelight, but Sweden is a great destination for seeing the northern lights. If you’re looking for a winter destination and want to see the northern lights […]

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Astrophotography Tips Featured

Astrophotography Tips: How to Shoot Photos of the Night Sky

Whether this is your first visit to Space Tourism Guide, or you’ve been reading along as we share space tourism tips around the world, you’ve probably noticed: we almost always try to provide tips on how to document your experiences. In the age of digital photography, Instagram, and the desire to capture everything, it’s important to […]

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Stargazing in Orlando - Downtown Orlando at Sunset - Ricardo Mangual via Flickr

The Best Places to Go Stargazing in Orlando

For most people, a trip to Orlando means one thing: amusement parks! Whether you love the Disney characters or want to live on the silver screen at Universal – or you’re just one of the 70 million visitors for any other reason, Orlando is one of the most popular destinations in the U.S. Less commonly […]

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Aurora Over Lake Hawea, New Zealand - Paul Stewart via Flickr 2

How & Where to See the Southern Lights in New Zealand

New Zealand is a space enthusiast’s dream. Stunning stargazing, regular rocket launches, and awe-inspiring aurora are all common sights in New Zealand, though most travelers visit for the beautiful vistas, friendly Kiwi locals, and delicious food and wine. Seriously, if you aren’t sold on New Zealand yet, what’s stopping you? If you’re planning a trip […]

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New Orleans by Night - NASA Marshall via Flickr

The Best Places to Go Stargazing in New Orleans

New Orleans is known for many things — from jazz to delicious food to a raucous party held every year in February (hint: you’ve probably heard of it: Mardi Gras!) — but stargazing is generally not high on the list. While there are some spots to go stargazing within New Orleans, you won’t find as […]

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Stargazing Spots in Miami - Robin Hickmott via Flickr

The Best Places to Go Stargazing in Miami

Sandwiched between the alligator-infested swamplands of the Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean, Miami is a slice of culture on the U.S. East Coast. Unfortunately, with such a narrow geography, the city has become highly developed and stargazing activities are pretty unheard of – even by locals who’ve called Miami home for years. While it is […]

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Otherworldly Destinations in Australia - Painted Desert near Coober Pedy

5 Out-of-this-World Locations You Can Visit in Australia

If you’re hankering to get off-planet, your options for getting into space as a tourist are kind of limited (and expensive) right now. Plus, you can’t really go anywhere cool, all you can do is float around in space. Whilst floating around in space is still pretty neat, the price tag is quite high for […]

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Southern Lights in Tasmania Featured

The Southern Lights in Tasmania: All You Need to Know

As islands go, Tasmania is an interesting one. Formed over millions of years, it was only 70 million years ago when Tasmania began to look as we conceive of it today: an island off the southern coast of Australia. With its own unique geologic history and species found nowhere else on earth, Tasmania has been […]

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Stargazing in Denver Featured Image: State Capitol and Moon

The Best Places to Go Stargazing in Denver

At 5,280ft above sea level, Denver has an obvious advantage when it comes to stargazing: extra elevation means clearer night skies! The capital of Colorado has other advantages that make it a stellar stargazing destination: wild mountains to the west; sweeping plains to the east; and passionate locals who protect and love the outdoors. Whether […]

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The Best Places to Go Stargazing in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the city of angels… and stars! Okay, these aren’t the same “stars” you’re thinking of when you want to go “stargazing” in Los Angeles. While it’s common to spot a celebrity while walking down the street in some parts of the city, it’s a lot harder to see the actual stars. You know: the […]

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