Astrophotography Tips Featured

Astrophotography Tips: How to Shoot Photos of the Night Sky

Whether this is your first visit to Space Tourism Guide, or you’ve been reading along as we share space tourism tips around the world, you’ve probably noticed: we almost always try to provide tips on how to document your experiences. In the age of digital photography, Instagram, and the desire to capture everything, it’s important to […]

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Otherworldly Destinations in Australia - Painted Desert near Coober Pedy

5 Out-of-this-World Locations You Can Visit in Australia

If you’re hankering to get off-planet, your options for getting into space as a tourist are kind of limited (and expensive) right now. Plus, you can’t really go anywhere cool, all you can do is float around in space. Whilst floating around in space is still pretty neat, the price tag is quite high for […]

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