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The 9 Best Stargazing Telescopes from $200 to $2000

In Space Gear by Jacob Whitish1 Comment

As an amateur astronomer, your most powerful tool to unlock the mysteries of the universe is your telescope. But especially when you’re first starting out stargazing, it can be hard to know which telescope to invest in. How much should you spend? Which features should you care about? Choosing between the best stargazing telescopes for your budget is a tough …

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The 4 Best Astrophotography Cameras for Any Budget

In Space Gear by Charlie Gardiner10 Comments

Looking up at the night sky and wanting to capture its awe-inspiring beauty is a feeling familiar to most photographers and astronomy enthusiasts. In this article, I’ll to explain exactly how to do that and which of the best astrophotography cameras are right for you and your budget. I’m coming at it from a photographer’s point of view: I spend …

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How to Shoot GoPro Astrophotography with the Hero7 Black

In Space Gear by Valerie Stimac

Are you researching the GoPro HERO7 Black and curious what it can do once the sun sets? Most GoPro users are daytime adventurers, but the GoPro HERO7 Black is well-equipped for those of us who love to have a little bit of adventure at night. Shooting astrophotos is tricky business. You need the right camera, a knowledge of the settings, …