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11 Must-See Astronomical Events in the June Night Sky

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Some months may not seem particularly exciting for stargazing when you first glance – like this month – and then you dig into the astronomical events to realize how much is actually going on. Planetary viewing opportunities, a small meteor shower, and a chance to see both a comet and an astroid form the basic highlights of what to see in …

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9 Must-See Astronomical Events in the May Night Sky (2020)

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As the weather warms in the northern hemisphere, there’s nothing quite like a night of stargazing. While many of us are unable to travel for astronomy meetups and star parties, we can still set up in our backyards and local parks to enjoy the May night sky. This night, we’ll receive a series of astronomical treats: a comet, a series …

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12 Must-See Events in the March Night Sky (2020)

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March marks a turning point in the Earth’s celestial dance. This month, we approach the first equinox of the calendar year, and the seasons officially ‘change’ after the equinox passes. There are also a variety of interesting opportunities to get out and see some of the different objects in our night sky. From opportunities to see many of the planets …

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19 Must-See Events in the December Night Sky

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While December is a month of extremes – cold and dark in the northern hemisphere and opposite in the southern – it’s also one of the best months of the year for amateur astronomers and stargazers. In 2019, there is a plethora of astronomical events and sights to see in the December night sky. From meteor showers to eclipses and even …