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Curious about the team behind Space Tourism Guide?

Read on to learn about our founder, Valerie, and the team of writers helping create these travel resources.

Valerie Stimac, Founder & Editor

✭ Favorite Planet: Venus
✭ Favorite Stargazing Spot: Beach Lake, Chugiak, Alaska
✭ Best Space Tourism Experience: the solar eclipse in 2017

Valerie is the founder and editor of Space Tourism Guide. She decided to start the site after realizing how many friends and family had never seen the Milky Way, and that space tourism was going to unlock the next great travel destination: space!

She helps the writing team cover all of the topics you see on the site, but her favorite topic right now is writing about how to see rocket launches around the world. Click here to email Valerie →


Writing Team

Heide Brandes, Contributor

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✭ Favorite Planet: Saturn (the flattest planet and 150 moons!)
✭ Favorite Stargazing Spot: My land near Jasper, Arkansas
✭ Best Space Tourism Experience: The Stafford Air & Space Museum in Weatherford, Oklahoma runs a close second to stargazing in the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa.

Ander Dobo, Contributor

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✭ Favorite Planet: coming soon!
✭ Favorite Stargazing Spot: coming soon!
✭ Best Space Tourism Experience: coming soon!

Megan Johnson, Contributor

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✭ Favorite Planet: Venus
✭ Favorite Stargazing Spot: Lake Powell, Utah
✭ Best Space Tourism Experience: the Solar Eclipse in 2017 (even though I didn’t get to see it in totality!)

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