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2024 Total Solar Eclipse: Photos from the STG Community

2024 Solar Eclipse Hero

One might call it a “once in a lifetime” experience, but I’ve been fortunate to experience totality twice in my life – so far! After traveling to view the 2017 total solar eclipse in Salem, Oregon, I was very fortunate that the 2024 total solar eclipse passed right overhead here in Northeast Ohio – especially as my daughter was born just two months before the eclipse and we weren’t up for traveling yet!

In addition to shooting photos of my experience, I decided to reach out to the STG community and see how it went for you… and by gosh, did y’all have a great time! Below you’ll find a gallery of photos submitted by members of the community; as you can see, even those who weren’t in the path of totality had an amazing view!

If you have photos you’d like me to add, feel free to comment below this post; I’ll reach out by email to get your photo and add it to the gallery. (Also, please do not use any photos from this gallery elsewhere on the internet. These photos are copyrighted to the people who shared them with me, and cannot be re-posted elsewhere!)

Thanks to everyone who wrote and shared their experience and photos, including those featured: DD, Charity W., Dandibhotla V., FL, Heath H., Jean W., Larry S., Matthew G., Melanie A., Melissa B., Michael M., Mr. C., Philip G., Quentin S., Richard H., Robin S., Stefan H., Steve H., Steven B., and Valarie S.!

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